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Related post: Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 10:50:18 -0500
From: RedRush773
Subject: MinotaurRuler, Gay SF/Fantcy, Chap 12, A New Battle He just had a most pleasurable experience using up a human. The
human was big, 13 years sexy girl but was old and not in very good shape. Shame, didn't last
all that long. He wasn't very good to play with, seemed not to be able to
take much venom at all, nude16 years old girls
and he knew he shouldn't have squeezed so tightly
around the human. It was his own fault and he knew it. Oh well, what's a
snake to do but find another - this time in much better shape and able to
play much longer. Course then there porno 16 years were those satyr's, strange creatures,
but fun to play with. Didn't much care for their nectar but sure would do
just fine in a pinch. Hist was angry with himself for being so careless and not
thinking. He was an oddity even amongst the demi-gods. He had the torso of
a 6'8" man and a length of 35+ feet mostly strong, powerful snake. He
probably weighed in around 500+lbs considering the muscle and bulk of his
human and snake body. His snake body was pure solid muscle; it had to be
to support his muscled large human body. As nudes girls 15 years
he aged, he lost most of his
human type hair and it was replaced by a sort of scale layer of deeper
green color from the top of his snake body. His human body was more green
then 13 year old cock
skin colored and his eyes had taken a deep dark color with bright
yellow vertical pupil. It took him awhile to develop his sensitive snake
tongue and learn how to use it best. But, that was years ago, almost past
any memory he could have. He was very proud of his snake body. It had a
very bright sheen to it, almost like fine glass with colors of green, red,
blue, yellow and white towards the bottom. He could move quite quickly
thanks to the strength of his snake body. When he coiled his body around a
human or anything for that matter, he could crush them just as a python
would. He did this a few times just to make certain his power was in
excellent working order. His cock was on the large size along with his
balls, all part of his human body of course. He liked having the ability to
hide them in his snake body until ready for use. He had broad shoulders
muscled back, large biceps and strong hard xxx girls 16 years
pecs and abs. The scale
coatings did much to toughen up his skin. Scales formed over what would be
finger nails, making Hist's more closely related to pedofilia 14 years claws. Hist took great pleasure in fighting and taking his pleasure from
his victims. His venom, when he chose to use it, would weaken his victims.
Hist fed off the pleasure, pain, fear 11 year porno pic
and nectar of his victim. He loved
human male nectar, especially from strong virile young ones. The bigger
muscled they were the better. A good fight followed by a few doses of his
venom would weaken them enough for Hist to takes his pleasure at his
leasure. Of course he ate birds, deer, sheep, pigs, little humans,
whatever suited him at the time of hunger, he certainly wasn't particular
about much when it came to food. He mostly avoided the other demi-gods,
except for the occasional good fight and of course to use satyrs in a
pinch. At least he didn't 16 years naked girls have to use much if any venom on the satyr's
since they always seemed willing to part with their nectar. Strange
creatures those satyrs, no real challenge or fun there. So, maybe he would find some good play things in this land. He
only nonude 15 year stumbled on that last human accidentally. Poor human must have been
coming back from some trade with the satyr's. Hist had no use for the gold
and gems the human had eighteen year old teens
on him. Poor unlucky human, used up so quickly and
so fragile; such a waste. He certainly anal boys 15 years
wasn't much of a fighter
either. There had to be better ones around here. Maybe he would find a
village and pick a few off here and there till he had his fill of nectar
and food. Wouldn't that be nice. Hist slithered quickly close to the ground, sometimes using his
powerful arms to pull himself up high for a better view and taste of what
was around. pedofilia 14 years xxx
He flickered his tongue in and out very quickly, tasting the
air. He could taste scents as good as an animal would smell them. He had
a nose of course that helped, but it was more human and not that sensitive. He came across a river and thought a nice swim would be refreshing.
Besides, he often found some good prey on or near water. Humans were so
careless about the water and what was in it. He laughed as he thought of
the fun he had terrorizing a village on a river. He would attack fishing
boats and take a prize human if there was one on board. If there wasn't,
he would make certain most of the occupants felt themselves being pulled
under and far away before letting them loose. Some drowned and Sexy 12 year olds most swam
to shore, terrified. The entire village was convinced there was a sea
dragon in their river. They even offered human sacrifices to it. Such fun
and such easy meals and pleasure victims. Humans were such nice prey,
indeed. Kag and Raymar woke, ate fruit and plants and Kag drank the juice
Aurin had Tork make. Kag was somewhat improved from getting nectar and
ooze from Tork, but still pale and weaker then before. Tork was still
worried and was making plans for a trip to Aurin's land to see if the
satyrs could cure Kag quickly. Tork wanted Kag back to his full self
again. Kag and Raymar went to the river to swim and Kag wanted to show
Raymar how to catch fish and prepare them. Fish were the only animal type
food Tork would allow and no fires were allowed either. Cooking wasn't an
option and luckily Kag did have skill at preparing fish without a fire. They reached the river and Tork came after them to see what they
were up to. Kag explained to Tork what he wanted to do and Tork
approved. Tork walked around the river to where the streams fed it and
crossed to the other side. He went a way down along the shore till the
lake was back to a river and then dove in the water and swam to where Kag
and Raymar were sitting and waiting for him. Raymar asked Kag what Tork
was doing and Kag said "He is making certain there is no danger around the
lake or river. Wilum was hiding on the opposite side of the lake before he
came over to me. Tork won't let anything like that happen again." Raymar understood and liked feeling safe. He took Kag's hand and
wanted 15 years sex mpg to pull him into the water, but Kag told him they were not allowed
until Tork came back ashore. Raymar sat down and watched Tork swim to
them. Tork got out of the water and shook wildly. Raymar and Kag were
being splashed all over by a rain storm. They laughed at how Torks muscles
moved and his cock and balls swung flapping against his thighs side to
side. When Tork stopped shaking, his tongue was hanging out and the hair
on his head was all matted. He looks sort of funny and Kag and Raymar
enjoyed a good laugh. naked teens 10 year Tork snorted and tried to growl at them, walked over
to them and picked them both up around their waist and spun around fast.
They laughed and Kag grabbed hold of Torks cock. Tork licked them both all
over their backs and heads and then walked over to the shore and threw them
into the water. Kag and Raymar were still laughing as they reached the top
of the water. Tork spread his legs wide and his arms, flexed his whole
body tight, put his snout in the air and sniffed, then bellowed. He looked
down at them and snorted, turned around and stomped off to the lair. Raymar swam to Kag and Kag held him around his waist. Raymar
wrapped his legs around Kag's waist and his arms around Kag's neck. Kag
moved around slowly in the water as they both kissed and played with each
other's tongues. Raymar felt Kag's cock sliding around his ass cheeks.
Raymar reached into the water and put Kag's cock directly under his ass.
Kag held him tight and slid his cock up Raymar's ass. Raymar kissed Kag
deeply and moaned in pleasure. Kag took his time enjoying his pleasure and
seeing the pleasure Raymar was having. After awhile, Kag tightened his
grip and began shooting his nectar into Raymar. When he knew he had no
more nectar to give Raymar, Kag pulled his cock out of Raymar and moved
Raymar's arms around his tits 15 years old waist and Kag put his arms around Raymar's
neck. With Kag's legs wrapped around Raymar's waist, Kag felt Raymar's now
very hard cock rubbing along his ass. He reached under the water and
placed Raymar's cock under his ass. Raymar held Kag tight and slid his
cock into Kag. porno 14 years clips
Raymar did the exact 17 years old porno same thing to Kag as Kag had done to
him. Kag was moaning in pleasure as was Raymar. Finally Raymar tightened
his grip around Kag and shot his loads of nectar into Kag. Both kissed
deeply and then swam to shore. After a bit of holding and hugging and
kissing, Kag said they best catch seventeen yearsold porngirl some fish. Kag showed Raymar how to catch and prepare fish. Of course there
was a lot of time between preparations that allowed for them to pleasure
each other. Hist heard the bellow of Tork and decided to swim in that direction
to see what creature made that sound. If nothing else, it might present an
opportunity for a great fight and some new nectar to sample. Hist swam
very fast. He could cover twice the distance in water as he could on land.
The rivers and lakes were meant for snake travel. Hist stopped every now and then to flick his tongue to taste for
scents. Finally, he caught a scent and it was very strong. Human for
sure, but something different. Was that scent nectar? That was very strong
also. 10years old girls porn As he got closer, he was deeper in the water very close to shore,
using the weeds and brush as cover. He heard human male laughter and it
sounded like more then one. He stopped dead still as he caught sight of
Kag and Raymar on the shore. They were wrestling and playing with each
other. Strange fighting Hist thought. They wrestle and then attempt to
pleasure each other. Now he understood what 14 years naked pics he picked up tasting the
scent. dutch 16-year teen porn It was the scent of 2 humans, both very muscular, healthy, big and
obviously loaded with nectar. At last he would 15 year olds sex
be able to take his
pleasure again, and it looked to him as if which ever one he takes, he will
be able to play and use them for a very very long time. Didn't think there
would be a danger of being careless with either of these humans. Kag told Raymar he was going to the fruit orchard for more fruit
and wanted to do it himself. He instructed Raymar on what to do with the
fish as was dried and baked in the sun. When the fish were dried and
ready, he could bring them back to the lair. Kag told Raymar he was going
to take a nap after the orchard. He was tired from the swim and wrestling
and pleasure. Besides, he needed to get his share of ooze and nectar from
Tork. Raymar laughed and said "Poor master Tork. He has to suffer so much
to provide us with his ooze and nectar." Both Kag and Raymar laughed. Kag hugged Raymar and kissed him.
Kag left for the orchard. Raymar was alone, at the river and decided to
swim more. He turned the fish 15 years porn beauty on the sticks and dove into the river. He
took a swim from one side of the river to the other. It was rather wide,
since it was more like a lake at this spot. Raymar felt he was giving his
muscles good exercises. He knew Kag liked the feel of his biceps and abs
and pecs and wanted to make sure he kept them as Kag liked them. Hist took the opportunity to swim closer to Raymar and watch him as
he plotted his moves. Raymar got out of the water and stretched. He
laided down on the shore and put his hands behind his head and closed his
eyes. Hist decided to have some fun with this one first. He would keep
the human under the water till he was unconscious and much easier to
transport away from here. Hist didn't want his friend to interfere with
his pleasure and fun. He would take this human far from here before he
started having his fun. Hist went under the water quietly and swam up to where his hands
could grab the humans ankles and he could pull him into the water quickly.
Hist quickly grabbed Raymar's ankles and pulled him very quickly into the
water. Before Raymar could react, as his mouth opened to yell, it was
filled with water rushing in as he was being pulled very powerfully under
the water. He had no idea what had him, but knew it was big and very very
powerful. He tried to swim back or turn to make swimming easier, but the
creature had his ankles tight and there was not slack for him to turn as
his feet were spread out. He was being pulled deeper and deeper into the
center of the lake. His body started to almost convulse trying upskirt 16 year old to get
air. The last thing Raymar saw before he was unconscious was this strange
green face and yellowed eyes looking in his face. Hist grabbed the human in his arms and swam quickly to the surface.
He did not want the human to drown. Hist moved to the shore with Raymar
and wrapped free14 year old porn
his snake coils around his chest and abs,squeezing so the water
in Raymar was forced out. While he was doing that, he reached on shore and
took a large rock in his hand. The water came gushing out of Raymar's
mouth and he began coughing and sucking in deep breaths. Just as his eyes
opened, he felt a very hard smack on his head and all was blackness again.
Raymar went limp in Hist's coils. Hist wasted no time. He took some vines
near the shore and tied up Raymar's wrists and ankles. His wrists were
tied behind his back and Hist put these over his head so that Raymar's back
was against his, and his arms were over Hist's chest. Hist knew the human
would not be able to get free in this position. Taking him far away would
be much easier now. Even if the human woke up, there was nothing he could
really do. Hist went back into the water and making sure his head and
therefore Raymar's head were above the water, began to swim very quickly
down river away from the capture spot. Hist could tell by the weight of this one and the bulk of his
biceps touching Hist's shoulders that this human was perfect. He couldn't
wait to get this one to fight and be made to submit to him. Even if he
didn't want to, he would. Hist would not be denied. Kag did as he said and headed for the orchard of fruits. He picked
a good amount filling the skin he had with him. He took them back to the
lair and put them on the table. Tork came in the lair and mixed a batch of
the liquid Kag was to drink and handed him the plants to eat. Tork asked
about Raymar, and Kag explained what he told Raymar to do. He asian new year told Tork
that Raymar would be awhile, until the fish were ready. Kag ate and drank
before going to the bed. He laid down and looked at Tork. Tork came to
him and he held out his arm, moving his finger up and down Kag's body. Kag
grabbed Torks arm and pulled. Tork took the hint and laid down almost on
top of Kag. He began to lick Kag from head to toe covering him with
saliva. He then started rubbing Kag. Tork had his usual hard cock and Kag
played with it. Tork used his finger to take a glob of ooze from his piss
slit and put it on Kag's tongue. Kag slid down and pulled the skin hood on
Torks cock and began to lick and tug and play with it. He put his face
inside it as he stretched it wide and licked at Torks piss slit, sucking in
ooze. Kag and Tork began to slowly give each other pleasure. They would
spend hours taking each other to super pleasure highs and ecstasy. Hist finally felt he was far enough from where he captured the
human and looked around as he slowed down his swimming, trying to see the
perfect place for his pleasures. He continued a way down the river masturbation 14 years pics until
he spot a large crop of rocks that formed a wall between the river and the
woods on 3 sides. The only entrance was from the river and there was a
large sandy area with a few trees and what looked like a nice cozy cave.
Hist went ashore with his human pictures14 yearsnude and made certain to check the entire area
out. He would know every rock, bush, tree there before he settled in. He
was pleased that it was not possible to go from this spot to the woods.
The rocks were very large and it almost looked like something bit a chunk
out of a high mountain base. This was just the perfect spot. Maybe a
permanent home even, he would see. Once satisfied that the area was safe and not occupied and not
easily gotten out of by land, he lifted Raymar's arms up and let him slide
down to the ground. Hist liked the way the human slid down his backside.
Hist looked around and decided to put the human at the farthest end of
their new home. He resisted the urge to just take this humans nectar right
now. No, he wanted to enjoy the full pleasure of a good fight, pain, fear,
pleasure - he would have all of it. He would wait till the human was
awake. Hist dragged Raymar to the back of the area and untied his wrists
and ankles. Hist moved to the only opening, from the river. It was small
enough for him to guard himself without worrying the human may make it
through to freedom. He had to worry about that for now. Later it wouldn't
be a problem as his venom and taking his pleasure would make the human to
weak to even try. Hist let himself sprawl out so that his entire length blocked the
opening to the river. He put his hands behind his head and waited. He
heard the human moaning and moving about, so he turned on his side with his
elbow bent and his head resting on his hand. Raymar was 15year old nude
rubbing his head.
He only saw rocks that teen 14 year tgp went way up in the sky as he opened his eyes. His
head hurt and he could feel a bump where he knew he was smacked with
something. He darted up to a sitting position, remembering that something
dragged him forcefully under the water. Something with a greenish face.
He slowly began to stand up, holding on to the rock wall to steady himself.
He turned to his left and then right and saw he was surrounded by walls of
stone. He looked at his feet and he was standing on hard packed sand, not
loose like on a beach. He slowly turned around and froze. He was looking
at this great big snake that looked part human, but was green. It had very
large muscled arms and shoulders and very beautiful skin from the waist
down. It was almost shiny as glass and had such beautiful colors towards
the bottom. Raymar rubbed his eyes, because he thought he must be seeing a
snake devouring another victim or something. No, he put his hands down and
it was still there, a snake-man. A very large, long, powerful 12 year old whores looking
snake-man, who strangely, was smiling at him. "SO, the sweet human comes to life finally" Hist said in his very
pleasant voice. Raymar was a bit shocked by the voice and that this nightmare was
talking to him. "I am Raymar, slave to Kag and Tork, lord of the land. Why
am I here?" Raymar asked. "I am Hist. You are here for my pleasure. We will have a good
fight and then I will take my pleasure with you. I know it will be great
fun" Hist said as he flipped his snake body up and down. "But why would I fight you Hist? And What pleasure could I give to
you? I don't think my masters will like you taking me from them. I'm sure
they will be looking for me and may even bring you harm when they find you
have taken me" Raymar said most convincingly. He thought this all made
sense. Kag and Tork would come looking for him, tgp 14 years Tork would girl 14 years fucking track them here
and Tork would teens 16 year nude rip this snake to pieces. "You will fight me because it pleases me, and you have little
choice I'm afraid. All pleasure I seek from you I will take. Your old
masters will not find us unless they can track in the river. And if they
would happen to find us, it wouldn't matter as I would take them for my
pleasure also" Hist said very calmly. "And what if I do not wish to fight you?" Raymar asked. "As I said, you have no choice in the matter Raymar. Unless you
just want to die a very slow and painful death without even a small fight?
Is that what you wish of me?" Hist snickered as he talked. He began
getting himself up and flexed his powerful coils while doing it to impress
Raymar. He noticed Raymar watching every move of muscle on his body. It
seemed this Raymar 15 years teen fuck liked strong, powerful muscle. Well, he would have
ample opportunity to feel it all very closely. "I do not wish to die at all. Take your pleasure and I will return
to my masters" Raymar said calmly. "No, you will not return to your masters. You will die a slow
painful death I promise you. I intend to take my pleasure when it suites
me. You have no control over that I'm afraid." Hist spoke 12 years teens fuck slowly and never
took his eyes off of Raymar. Hist made a very sudden move towards Raymar and Raymar reacted by
taking a protective stance and moving out of Hist's reach. Hist smiled.
He thought to himself that this was indeed going to be fun. Great pleasure
was about to be his. He made another quick move and Raymar jumped out of
his path and turned sexy gils 14years defensively again. Hist flexed his biceps and chest
muscles and swayed back and forth in front of Raymar. Raymar pumped up his
biceps and abs and shoulders as he moved slowly in defensive postures.
Hist really enjoyed this and liked what he saw on Raymar's body. Nice
thick hard muscle soon to be his for pleasure. Hist made another young girls porno years quick
move and as Raymar went to get out of the way, Hist used his tail to smack
the legs out from under Raymar. Raymar hit the hard sand. Before he could
move to get up, Hist has his tail wrapped around Raymar's arm and began to
squeeze. Hist reached down and took Raymar's foot and pulled it up and
began to stretch his snake body up and to the side. Raymar was 12year schoolgirls pics free
stretched out. He felt the pressure building in his arm, chest and leg.
He tried to pry open the tail holding his arm, but couldn't get a good grip
on it as it kept flexing and moving and tightening. He soon was having a
hard time feeling anything on his arm below where the tail had him tight. Hist used 16 years porn pic
both hands to hold Raymar's leg and began to twist it.
Hist was taking in all the muscle movements of Raymar's body and liked his
reactions to pain. Hist moved his arm around and under Raymar's leg so it
was kept pulled and twisted. sixteen years sex photos Hist could easily jerk a little sexy 14 years farther twist by
moving his arm, and he did. With his free arm, Hist felt the leg muscles
of Raymar and pulled and squeezed at his balls and cock. Raymar was
striking out with his free arm and leg every which way, hoping to catch
something hard enough for Hist to release him. When Hist moved his hand
onto the bottom of Raymar's abs to feel them, Raymar grabbed his wrist
tight and twisted it wildly. Hist was caught off guard and released
Raymar's leg from his arm. As soon as he knew his leg was free, Raymar
swun it full force into the arm of Hist he had twisted and locked in his
hand. Raymar had a very powerful grip and his massive biceps and forearms
were a great force behind his hold. Hist let Raymar loose and moved back rubbing his arm that caught
the kick from Raymar. Raymar fell to the ground and immediately moved away
moving his arm 16-year-old sex galeries and hand around trying to get the feeling back. Raymar
moved closer to the rocks where he thought Hist wouldn't be able to swing
his tail at him so easily and catch him off balance again. Hist moved back
and forth looking for a good opening to attack. When he moved forward to
grab Raymar, Raymar grabbed his wrist with both hands and twisted as he
jumped almost behind fuck 16 years pedo
Hist. He had Hist's arm twisted and bent behind his
back. Hist was surprised by the speed of Raymar and his strength. Raymar
was pleased he paid attention to the wrestling moves Tork and Kag kept
using that he had to figure out how to counter and get out of along with
putting his own holds on. His upper body strength paid off at that. Tork
was even impressed by Raymar. Kag liked when they wrestled nude teen 14-16 years because it
really was a workout of all their muscles. Much more interesting then
moving boulders, logs or fighting Tork. Tork always won, but the payoff in
nectar was nudeist 14 year old worth it all. Raymar pulled hard and Hist human 15 year pics porno body was pulled towards him.
Raymar wrapped his one arm around the neck of Hist as he twisted and pushed
his arm higher behind his back. Hist was totally surprised by this.
Raymar was very good at this. Hist pushed and pulled and tried to get Raymar to loose his grip
but it just got tighter. Finally, nude girls 13 year Hist used his snake body to lift Raymar
off the ground and smash his back into the wall 16years old sexy girls of rocks full force. Raymar felt the jolt of pain as his back, shoulders , hips and head
felt the stone pounding him. He immediately let go and fell to the ground.
Hist moved in quickly, taking Raymar's wrists in each hand and had Raymar
hanging behind his human body. He moved full force again towards the rock
wall, again smashing Raymar into it. Then he moved far down and full force
again,smashed Raymar. He let Raymar's wrists go after the 3rd smash into
the rock wall. Raymar was in a lot of pain and almost unconscious. He
tried keeping his head away from the rock after the first time, but no
matter what, it always seemed to bounce into it after 12-years-old-sex-pics
impact of his back
and hips and shoulders. Hist now knew he could begin to have some fun with
this one. Hist reached down and dragged Raymar by the hair into the center of
the area. He flipped Raymar over on his stomach and 12-year-old russian girl nude put his arms under
Raymar's arms and locked his fingers behind Raymar's neck. He then pulled
himself straight up fourteen years old girls
with Raymar handing in a severe full nelson hold. Hist
was using his powerful biceps to put pressure on the back of Raymar's head,
pushing his neck away from his shoulders and making it feel like Raymar's
shoulders were ripping. It was twice as painful since Rymar was not on the
ground but dangling and kicking his legs trying to find something to brace
himself on. Every time his foot seemed to find Hist's snake body, his foot
would either slip off or Hist would move his muscles moving Raymars foot
off. Hist was enjoying this very much. He even started to push his arms
out so he could look at the back muscles and shoulders of Raymar knot up in
pain. Hist then began to swing his human body wildly back and forth.
Raymar looked like a toy in a dogs mouth being shaken back and forth
wildly. He was screaming out in pain and Hist loved it. Raymar's neck and
shoulders were finally giving out and his chin was moving closer and closer
to his chest. He thought his neck or shoulders would snap at any time. He
was slowly starting to go unconscious. When Hist felt the fight leaving
Raymar, he unlocked his fingers and let Raymar crash to the hard sand.
Raymar reached his hands behind his head and rubbed at his neck. He was in
pain. Hist then grabbed one of Raymar's hands and pushing it back while
holding it at the wrist, pulled and twisted Raymar's arm. Raymar was
immediately teens 13 years shaved pulled to his knees and smacking his twisted arm with his other
hand trying to lessen the pain. Every now and then, Hist would jerk-twist
the arm at the wrist and bend the wrist further down. Soon every time Hist
did that, Raymar would scream out in pain. Hist maneuvered Raymar in that
position until he had a perfect shot for using his tail to hard slap
Raymar's twisted, pulled arm and shoulder. He had great power in that tail
as it was all muscle being controlled by more muscle. The tail smashing
was doing damage. It felt like someone was smashing a club into his arm
and then shoulder. He tried to use his other arm to free himself, but was
met by a tail smash on the back of his head each time. Hist twisted his whole body around a bit so that he could have an
easier time using his tail to slap sex 14 year girl
Raymar's back. Raymar's back was still
sore from the smashing into the rock wall. Now the pain was returning
worse then before. Hist twisted his body around another direction and took
Raymar's other wrist and did the same maneuver with it. Now both arms were
being pulled and twisted and he was on his knees with his body up against
Hist's snake body. He couldn't help keeping his head way back because the
way his arms were being twisted, his shoulders were knotting up and being
pulled by the arms. Every once in awhile, Hist would loosen the twist and
pull so that Raymars body would flop up against his snake body. He would
slide Raymar up and down his snake body and then return to the vicious
pulls and twisting. Raymar couldn't help it, but he had a very hard cock
now. Hist noticed the cock. 14-16 years old nudes
That is what he wanted to happen pulling
Raymar up and down his photo nudist 16-18 years
body. He knew the human cock would react to the
slick surface of his snake body and the muscles flexing and pulsating.
Hist released the hold on both Raymar's arms and Raymar fell on his back to
the ground. He was bent since he was still partially on his knees. Hist
bent down and moved Raymar so that he was on his knees and his back was
pushed back and over with his head touching the ground. Hist put his tail
across Raymar's throat and that held his head nicely. Hist now had a full
view of Raymar's cock. Hist pulled at his balls to hold him still and with
his other hand examined Raymar's cock. He pumped it, stroke it, squeezed
it. free porn movie 16years
Raymar was in great pain in his back. He could not move to relieve
any of the pain. His abs were stretched out tight as were his pecs and
thighs.Hist used his fingers to forcefully feel all of Raymar's thigh, ab and pec
muscles. To Raymar, it seemed as if some sharp clawed animal was trying to
dig it's way into his skin. Hist was careful not to break the skin, but
wanted to deep feel all of the tight muscles he could feel. The pain
Raymar was having and screaming over, made it even better for Hist. Raymar was covered 16 year sex sites in sweat. Hist used his tongue to dart around
Raymar's body licking in the sweat. Hist moved his tail off of Raymar's
neck only after smashing it a few times across his neck, then his chest,
then his abs, then his head. Hist moved away from Raymar and Raymar
collapsed on the ground in so much pain, he didn't know what to try and rub
first. Hist moved around him and grabbed Raymar by the ankle and lifted
him up off the ground upside down. He dangled Raymar in the air for a bit
and then his open mouth hit Raymar's cock like a rock and clamped down.
Raymar screamed from the pain of Hist's face hitting his balls and lower
abs that hard, and then from the pressure being put on his cock by Hist's
mouth. Raymar felt a strange sensation on his cock as if something was
wrapping around it and sliding up and down and around while Hist's sucking
was fierce. He soon felt himself shooting nectar into Hist's mouth and
down his throat. Hist did not let up at all. He was intent on sucking
Raymar totally dry. Hist then moved over to the rock wall and put Raymar
stomach first on a curved piece 15 years nude boys of rock. He had Raymar's legs spread wide.
First he had Raymar held high on the rock so that his ass was even with
Hist's mouth. Hist put his free hand on Raymar's ass cheeks and then
started ripping into those and pulling and slapping hard. Raymar was sure
he was trying to rip them off of his body. Then Raymar felt a strange
sensation as something very slick and wet was darting in and around his
ass. Then he felt Hist's finger digging into his ass and twisting all
around. Then he felt 2 fingers doing the same. Then 3 fingers were in his
ass moving all around, pulling his ass wide open and feeling everything
inside very rough. He then felt that slick thing way inside his ass. It
was a very strange and erotic feeling, Raymar felt himself going into a
pleasure high inspite of the pain he felt. Raymar felt himself being slid
further down the rock. He could feel Hist's body coming closer and then
his snake body holding up Raymar's body to the rock. His chest and abs
were pushed and held in place as he felt the muscles pulsating and flexing
and moving all along his back. All of a sudden he had his mouth open to
scream but couldn't let it out and he couldn't catch his breath. He felt
this hot fat cock being shoved into his ass full force. He could feel
balls against his ass years girl amateur photo cheeks. Hist grabbed onto Raymar's legs and stretched
them wide and dug his fingers into the calve muscles. He moved his body
around in a circular motion and then started ramming in and out of Raymar's
ass. Raymar thought Hist's cock would poke out of his intestines and hit
the rock. Raymar was sure his insides were being torn apart. Hist
continued ramming his cock in little 10 year olds and out of Raymar's ass. He then moved
Raymar from the rock and spun him around head up. Hist wrapped his massive
arms around Raymar's body and forcefully pulled him up and down his
cock. Hist was biting hard into Raymar's neck and shoulders as he rammed
him up and down. Raymar felt Hist's arms tighten around him so hard, he
was having a hard time breathing. He felt the bursts of Hist's nectar
firing into him one after another. He started to feel totally filled with
nectar and it was still shooting into him. He started to feel strange as
his body began absorbing it. It wasn't the super pleasure hight ecstasy of
Torks nectar, but somewhat burning and making his muscles start to cramp
and spasm. Raymar 12-years old teens
felt his entire insides were on fire and every muscle in
his entire body began to cramp and spasm, he had no control at all. Hist
had stopped ramming and had leaned back now using his hands to feel all of
Raymar's cramps and spasms. Hist kept his cock in Raymar and turned him
all around again and again to feel every muscle of Raymar as they kept
cramping and going into spasms more severe as time passed. The nectar of
the snake-man was doing it's work. Raymar felt in terrible pain and
pleasure all at once. He even lost control of his bladder and began
pissing in spurts. His arms were partially stretched out and his legs as
the muscles that controlled them were cramping and going into spasms. Hist was very pleased and going into a pleasure high. He really
enjoyed this Raymar and he hadn't even used his venom on him. This was
going to be a special human indeed. More fun to come as he wanted it with
the human fully aware and reacting as Raymar was. Great pleasure indeed. Hist finally took Raymar off his cock and laid him on the ground,
watching as Raymar's body twisted in cramps involuntarily. He laid down
next to Raymar and felt all over his body, his tongue darting all over as
well. Hist then wrapped his lower snake body around and around Raymar's
abs and 14 years nude pics
had him in a tight grip. He had Raymar wrapped in his muscled
coils and let them flex and slide and tighten and loosen. Raymar was held
so that Hist could easily get at his cock without any strain at all. He pulled Raymar's legs apart and again darted his mouth at his
cock and balls this time. He sucked and rolled his tongue around both
madly and soon was taking more nectar cheerleader voyear from Raymar. As Raymar was shooting
his nectar into his mouth, Hist made sure his coils were getting tighter
and tighter around Raymar. Raymar began to have a hard time breathing.
The cramping and spasms were bad enough, but now he felt like his ribs and
back were going to be crushed. It seemed to help speed up his body
absorbing Hist's nectar, like it was forcing it out of his intestines into
his entire body. Hist let go of Raymar's cock and balls and roughly played
with them as he closed his eyes and let the pleasure high settle in.
Raymar began to push at the coils wrapped around his entire midsection. He
could feel his abs were failing and his back. Hist jerked a few good
squeezes in and laughed at Raymar's reaction. He then said to Raymar "You
will soon be asleep my pet. We will have more pleasure bouts later. Many
more I'm sure." He intensified the pressure on the coils and they seemed to almost
flow around Raymar as they 19 year old pussy squeezed more and more. Soon, he wasn't
fighting as hard and then started to go limp. 16 year nude girls
When his arms fell loose and
his legs, Hist stopped the coils tightening and loosened their grip. The
coils were now just massaging Raymar's entire midsection and back. Raymar
was unconscious as Hist knew he would be. He rested his body against a
rock and put his hands behind his head. Every once in awhile he reached
down and played with Raymar's cock and balls. He closed his eyes and
drifted off to sleep. Kag woke Tork and told him Raymar hadn't returned. Tork got out of
the bed and said he would go look for Raymar. He was probably asleep at
the river. When Tork got to the river, he saw the fish on the sticks dried.
He sniffed 16 years sex photo in the air and couldn't pick up any scent of Raymar. He walked
around the lake and sniffed. Nothing in the air or on the ground.
Strange. He ran back to the lair and put on a loin cloth. He told Kag to
stay in the lair until 13 years girls porno he returned. He couldn't find a scent of Raymar and
was going to go find him. Kag looked worried and feared for Raymar. Tork
pulled Kag to him and licked his face and head and then let his tongue into
Kag's mouth and throat. He sent Kag into a pleasure high and then stopped.
Kag looked at him and hugged him tight. Tork left the lair and headed for
the river. Tork knew Raymar had to have gone away from the streams, so he
walked close to the shore down river. He kept sniffing the air and the
ground, trying to pick up a scent. 18 year old teens
He reached an area where he noticed the
vines were ripped and some pulled out of the ground. A rock didn't look
right either. Tork sniffed and picked up a strange scent he didn't
recognize. Then when he neared the rock, he knew it was Raymar's scent and
his blood on the rock. He couldn't help the rage he felt and bellowed
savagely. He tried to sniff the ground to see where the scent lead, but it
was nowhere on the ground. Tork thought a moment and then knew. Raymar
was taken down the river in the water. There would be no scent to follow
until he was close to wherever Raymar was being held. Whatever belonged to
that strange scent took Raymar. Tork got into the river pantyhose 15 years
and began to swim.
He would stay close to the shore and sniff as often as he could. Tork was about to give up, when he caught that strange scent again
in the air this time. He knew he was close to whatever took Raymar. As he
was swimming slowly near shore, he noticed a strange opening to the river
that looked like shear rock cliffs surrounded it. As he got closer, he saw
an opening and caught a strong 16 years fuking teens
smell of Raymar and that strange scent was
very strong.He swam to shore and got out of the water. He saw the snake-man with his
coils wrapped around Raymar. Raymar naked 14year girls
looked fuck girl 14 years pale and unconscious. Just as Tork was getting out of the water, Hist heard him and
waited. He saw the minotaur sniffing and looking at Raymar. Hist thought
this stupid beast wasn't my human for himself. He's heard of what these
beasts use humans for. He would not get this one. Tork was going into a fit of rage. He started snorting, his
nostrils flared and he was breathing very rough and hard through is
nostrils. He looked very angry and ready to fight. Hist reared himself
up, still holding Raymar in his coils and said "Do not come any closer
beast. This human is mine and you cannot have him. Now leave while you
can, before I take you for my pleasure as well." Tork flew into a bellow of rage and said "THIS IS MY HUMAN
SLAVE. HE BELONGS TO MY MATE. I WILL TAKE HIM BACK". Hist wasn't about to let this happen, he may even have some fun
with this brute. He liked the size and shape of the muscles covering this
one. He may just have a good time punishing this one. Hist saw Tork
charging full force at him and smiled. This brute will be fun 12year porno free download to take
down. As Tork was going full speed at Hist, Hist quickly moved and let
Tork smash head first into the rock wall. Hist quickly grabbed Tork by the
horns and shooting himself very high in the air with his snake body, had
Tork flying into the rock wall again, face first. Torks body hit the wall
hard on the first charge, and then again unprotected any by some of his
horns. Tork was dazed. Hist let go of Raymar and placed him high on a
rock ledge where only 12years sex he could reach him. Tork staggered away from the
rock wall and was smashed very hard back into it by Hist's tail. As Tork
smashed against the wall and bounced off, he was hit again by Hist's tail.
Hist liked this and did it at least 4 more times. Tork was really dazed
now. He fell full force on his face. Hist moved quickly and had his snake
body coiled around torks lower abs and back trapping one arm and then
around his upper body and neck. He began to tighten his coils extremely
tight and release them 16 year black pussy over and over. Each release was followed 13years sex movies
by an even
tighter squeeze. Torks eyes bulged. He had never felt this much pressure
on him before. This thing was very strong and powerful. Hist slid his
coils up farther on Tork so that they were tight around his neck. He had
one arm trapped and the other was kept at an odd angle so it wasn't of much
use. Hist decided to attack that one first. He grabbed Torks hand from
behind and with his arms behind Torks, pushed back hard. Tork thought he
would loose his arm. His bicep was being pushed to it's limit very
quickly. He couldn't get much leverage to do anything to counter it as the
coils were doing their damage. It was very difficult for Tork to breath.
He was trying to get as much air in as he could with every release of the
coils. It wasn't helping all that much. Hist released the hold with one
of his arms and began using the free arm to smash hard on Torks bicep.
Tork could feel the bicep was being pounded down to mush. And the force on
his arm was getting greater as his bicep was loosing strength. Hist was
satisfied the arm would 16 years porno videos
no longer pose any threat. He looked at the beasts
body to see where he might have more fun and inflict more damage. He
reared up his body very high, making the coils around Tork squeeze
extremely tight. nude 13 years girls Tork bellowed out in pain. Hist pulled at Torks loin
cloth and was amazed at the size of the cock that fell out. He reached
down and pulled up Torks balls and was rewarded with a ball sack filled
with balls overflowing his hand. He dug his fingers tight into them, his
nails like claws painfully pushing into them. Tork bellowed very loud with
that move. Hist liked it. This was good. Hist continued to punish Torks balls until he became bored with
them. Hist rearranged his coils so that Torks legs were immobilized,
couldn't take a chance at being hit with those sharp hoofs. Now Tork was
held in 12 year-old naked a vise around his neck and legs. His entire midsection and chest
were now exposed. Torks non-damaged arm, was solidly locked in the coil
that was around his neck also. Hist pulled Torks cock up by the head, digging his nails into it.
He then used his other hand to slap hard fuck 14year-old at the cock. Back and forth slaps
that made loud sounds as they hit. Hist pulled the skin hood covering
Torks cock down and grabbed the shaft just under the mushroom head. He
took his other hand and with 12 years teen fuck
his fingers tight on the mushroom head began
twisting his hand as if he were juicing an orange. Tork was bellowing.
Hist moved his face down and let some spit slide onto Torks mushroom head
as he continued to twist his fingers back and forth over it. Soon Hist
knew he didn't have to spit as Tork was letting globs of ooze leak out.
Hist decided he would see what this minotaur nectar tasted like and what
effect it would have on him. The beast was not any danger right now and
Hist was enjoying this. It wasn't long that Tork had little choice in
letting his nectar fly. Since Hist had his palm above the piss slot as his
fingers were twisting back and forth, the nectar hit his palm and slid all
down Torks cock covering his pubes and balls and hips with nectar. Hist
kept it up to see how much would come out. When it stopped flowing out, he
grabbed Torks cock and madly pumped it while squeezing to make sure there
wasn't more to be taken. Tork was panting and Hist made sure the coils
were really squeezing and releasing, doing their damage. Hist took some of the nectar on his finger and put it to his mouth.
He tasted it and waited. Maybe more? So he took another few finger fulls
and tasted it. He felt a slight tingling sensation but that was it. No
power over him. Good, he could enjoy this. He liked the way Torks muscled
body looked all sweaty. He started pounding on the exposed parts of Torks
chest and abs and then alternated between pounding and using his fingers as
spikes to jab deep into his muscles. Hist was particularly taken with the
beasts pecs and abs. He continued working those over. He decided to
concentrate on one pec till it was mush and then the other. Then he could
take apart the beasts abs row at a time. Hist put his plan into action. Hist began pounding and then clawing and then pounding 17 years sex photo on Torks
right pec. He could see it was starting to soften. The combination of
little air and this pounding was working very well indeed. He also like
the constant bellowing this beast 14 years girl erotic did. Soon Torks right pec was no longer
hard and powerful. Hist moved to the next one. 16 year cum teens He repeated the process
again. The results were the same, the beast has lost his powerful pecs.
The abs seemed to be more durable. Hist then thought of a 16 years porno picture way to speed up
the process. He used both hands to cover the snout of Tork. Tork couldn't
get any breath in through his snout. When he moved his snout up to try and
open it so he could breath through his mouth, the coil around his neck slid
in tighter and squeezed hard. He was now unable to breath at all. Every
now and then, Hist would lift his hands off the snout so Tork could suck in
some breath. He did this for awhile and then decided to see how the abs
would react. He made sure to pound them severly, concentrating on girl 11 years sex one spot
then another. They seemed to be somewhat softened. He then spiked his
fingers into the abs, catching one bulge between fingers and thumb. His
spike like nails dug in deep. He began pulling and twisting and clamping
down tight as he pulled and twisted harder and deeper. He then moved on to
the next bulge. He continued until he had all of the bulges done. He then
began to pound hard on various spots with is fists. Ahhhhh, indeed it was
working. His abs were very soft now and basically useless. He lifted his
hand high in the air and let his hand hit fingers first deep into the abs
and then squeeaed tight as he twisted and pulled. Tork was bellowing
non-stop now. Now that the beast has no use for one arm, the other is
probably just as useless from being squeezed tight, he had no use of his
abs for protection, and his pecs were slush, Hist felt it was fine to
release this beast from his coils.Tork hit the ground hard and was thrashing around the ground in severe
pain. He could hardly move his arms as his chest wouldn't let him. He was
having a hard time breathing as his abs were demolished. He couldn't use
his one arm that Hist beat up the bicep, and he could hardly feel anything
in his other arm or legs. He was panting and thrashing all over the
ground. Hist carefully moved around him to see what he could enjoy next.
Ah he knew. He lifted Tork from the ground by his horns and moved him to
the curved rock he used for Raymar. He smashed Tork up against the rock,
holding his body in place with his snake body. 13year old slut pics
Hist didn't bother with any
formalities. He placed his cock at the opening of Torks ass and smashed it
in full force. Tork bellowed in pain. Hist pounded hard into Torks ass
holding him hard against the rock by his horns. Hist then moved away from
the rock and wrapped his arms tightly around Tork. He slid his hand down
to Torks balls and let his fingers dig in and play. He held Tork tight to
him as he pounded Torks ass. He slid his one hand around Torks throat and
the other was on Torks balls and he porno young 14 year was squeezing hard on both as he shot
load after load of his nectar into Tork. He continued ramming into Tork
until he knew nothing more would come out of him. Hist let Tork fall to the ground and wrapped his coils around Torks
midsection as he had with Raymar. He used more squeezing and crushing
power on Tork to make sure his nectar was pushed quickly from Torks
intestines to his whole system. It was working. Hist felt Tork start to
spasm and watched as his muscles began to cramp. Hist pulled Tork's face
to his by his horns and said "I told you beast to leave, the human is
mine. Now I have had you and may hunt you out for more pleasure. I will
make sure you don't wander to far so I can repeat our game." Tork couldn't believe how damaged his whole body was. It was going
to get worse. Hist leaned down and began to hard suck Torks cock. He was
roughly squeezing and pulling at his balls. The snake nectar was having
the same effect on Tork as it had on humans. He was part human after all.
Tork was soon shooting nectar into Hist's mouth. Hist only took a mouth
full and then opened his mouth and released his fangs. He aimed for and
struck Torks balls, releasing a good amount of his venom into Torks balls.
Tork felt it and screamed and bellowed as the venom burned as it quickly
began spreading throughout his body. Hist knew that after releasing his
nectar, his body would be forcing blood to his balls to quickly start new
nectar production. The venom started taking effect as soon as the burning
spread throughout Torks body. He felt 14 years free porno tremendous pain and immediately was
much weaker. Hist then aimed for his neck and sank his fangs in again,
sending more venom into Tork. Then, just to make sure the beast didn't
gain back much use of his one arm, he pulled Torks arm out that he damaged
and bit hard into his bicep, pumping more venom in. Tork felt like his
entire body was burning from the insides, plus his muscles were cramping
involuntarily. Hist was satisfied that the nectar and venom were indeed doing
their work. He was now satisfied the beast would never be a problem again.
He indeed might look for him for more fun. This beast could take much more
punishment and give more pleasure then the humans. Hist decided that
minotaurs were now top prey for him. He would seek more out and if not, at
least he knew where to locate this one. Demi-gods don't die as humans do,
so this beast would have lots of pleasure to give Hist.He reached down to pick Tork up by his horns. He dragged him instead by
the damaged arm to the river. Hist then went into the water and pulled
Tork with him. He took him back close to where he found Raymar and pulled
him out of the river to the shore. Hist couldn't resist the sight of this
beast all wet 12 years girl fucking and muscles cramping. Tork teen 16 years porn
was on his stomach and his legs
were spread out as well teen xxx 16 years
as his arms. Hist mounted Tork and rammed his ass
very hard again. He latched his fingers deep into Torks shoulders and
pulled and twisted as he continued to pound Torks ass. He shot another
load into Torks ass. He reached down under Tork with his arms and began
squeezing tightly on Torks abs. He was making sure the nectar was again
being pushed into Torks system. He squeezed with both arms very hard as he
slid them up and down Torks abs. Torks abs were demolished, so there was
no resistance at all. Tork could feel the nectar being forced into his
system and his abs unable to tighten. Hist then grabbed onto each ass cheek of Tork and began to pull and
twist and squeeze them with his fingers deep inside his ass muscles. He
said "You are a good pleasure to me beast. Your ass is much better then a
humans and your body can give me much more pleasure. I will come back for
you soon my beast. Try and get yourself into shape again. I like my beast
fresh for more pleasure." Hist slid back into the river and went back 18 years virgin sex to his new lair. He
felt like more fun with the human he left there. Tork finally felt enough strength to turn himself to face the
river. He knew it would be easier for him to get closer to the lair by
being in the water. He knew his body was in no condition to walk the
distance to the lair. He could pull himself and try to swim. His body was
much lighter in the water. It took Tork a long time and lots of agony, but
he finally made it to the lake shore where Kag , Raymar and he swam. He
pulled himself out of the water and collapsed. The venom was really
affecting him 15 year slut pictures along with the nectar. Between the cramps of his muscles and
the weakness he was feeling, he was in so much pain he didn't know what
hurt more. His balls and cock were on fire, and so was his bicep. His
neck and head were hurting badly and burned more then the rest. His head
ached and he could feel 13 years old teens his blood pounding in his skull. Each pump of
blood bringing more pain.He knew he had to make it to the lair. He tried to stand but couldn't.
The best he could manage was being up on his hands and knees and moving
that way. He slowly started towards the lair and would have to stop and
rest every 2 yards or so. He was sweating greatly from the pain and the
exertion of moving. As he was moving, he spotted a pain plant within
reach. He lunged for it and devoured the whole plant, roots and all. The
plant began to help some, but not as before. Tork decided to use a tree to
pull himself up to a standing position. He couldn't use the one arm, so he
only had one shot at this. He pulled himself up with all his strength and
was standing. He spotted a large thick branch resting on the other side of
the tree and grabbed it. He used the branch as a cane to help steady
himself as he walked. Slowly he began to move. He was not moving very
fast, fat girls 14years porn
but covering more ground this way then crawling. Finally he had the
lair in sight. He bellowed out for Kag. Kag came running out of the lair
and ran to Tork. He couldn't believe the state Tork was in. He had never
seen Tork so severly damaged and in so much pain. Tork put his arm around
Kag's shoulder and let him move him into the lair. As soon as Tork was
near the bed, he fell into it. Kag took his legs and swung them around so
that he was laying totally in the bed. Kag brought some berry wine and put
it to Torks mouth. He drank and wanted more. Kag gave him drink after
drink. He then took the plants for healing, pain and muscle development
and began to chew them into a green paste. He made sure to spit the liquid
into the bowl he placed the chewed plants and then sat clost to Torks head
and began to slowly feed him. Tork ate all of it and seemed to have some
relief. Kag looked at Torks pecs and abs and knew they were beaten soft.
He took the ointment for healing and gently rubbed it on Torks pecs and
abs. Kag saw the fang marks on Torks bicep and gently put on some healing
plant he chewed into a paste. He noticed how swollen and dark Torks balls
were. He moved Torks legs apart and put some of the healing paste on them.
Tork moaned porno 16 years free in pain as Kag did that. Kag took a thick fur with him and
soaked it in the pool of swirling water. He brought it back in a large
bowl and gently plaed the fur around Torks balls. He went back with
another bowl and a small skin and brought that full of pool water. He
knelt on the bed with Tork and gently began to wash him with the cool
water. Tork fell sound asleep. Kag examined every part of Torks body he
could without turning him over and saw the damage was great. He recognized
the bite marks as fang punctures and knew it wasn't good. Tork had some
kind of venom in his system and it was taking it's toll. Kag took several of the large furs and covered Tork with them after
he had again washed Torks body down with the cool pool water. Kag laid
down next to Tork and held his head in his arms. He gently stroke the
snout of Tork and watched Tork sleep.
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